QSS State Championship 2021: Thank You For Entering!

Thank You For Entering- You will receive a confirmation of entry about a week after close of entry

Once entries closes, we will send out a confirmation email a week later (as a draft group listing).  Please ensure you now process your payment through  the option below. Applications without payment cannot be considered, unless you contact us at entries@morganparkraceway.com.au or phone us on 0437 471 433 to let us know you will pay on the day.  No applications will be considered the official closing date. Please adhere to COVID guidelines, you need to let us know if you are bring a pit person! 

How to process your payment

Bank Transfer

Account Name: Warwick District Sporting Car Club Inc
BSB: 034226
Account Number: 113839
Reference: Surname, Initial and Event Designation (QSSSC) (e.g.SmithJ QSSSC)

2021 QSSSC  Fees

Entry Fee: $250
Carport Hire:$88 (MUST BE BOOKED by emailing carports@morganparkraceway.com.au; otherwise you may not get a carport, even if you have paid, carports are limited)
Entry plus Carport: $338