Queensland Super Sprint Series 2021 B Series Round 3 On the 9th to the 11th of July

How to enter and Entry Forms

  • STEP 1  Complete the entry below, ensuring you have double checked your details

  • STEP 2  Pay your entry fees via bank transfer
  •  Account Name: Warwick District Sporting Car Club Inc
  • BSB: 034-226
  • Account Number: 113839
  • Reference: Surname, Initial, and Round Number (e.g.SmithJ B3)
  • Entry: $70
  • Carport: $88 (optional)- MUST BE BOOKED VIA EMAILING carports@morganparkraceway.com.au. Just paying does not guarrentee a carport.

  • STEP 3  Once registrations close, we will send you an email saying you have entered (around 8th of Jan). We will also send an email to registered competitors whom have not entered. Please double check the email to make sure it says you have entered/not-entered.

Get in quick to secure your place

Please do not leave completing this form to the last minute. All registrations need to be completed (if completing electronically) by 25th of June  2021 OR send via mail by posting to -

Queensland Super Sprint Series B  Round 3 2021
PO Box 16
Warwick Qld 4370

Download QSSS B3 Supplementary Regulations
Download QSSS 2021 Additional Technical Regulations for Improved Production
Download QSSS 2021 Technical Regulations 

Please note the length of time it takes to post your entry form and  allow ample time.

No mail will be considered after the 25th of June 2021
REMINDER- We do not Allow push bikes/scooters/pets/etc. Please do not bring them

QSSS B Series Round 3 2.1KM Track E

Complete the online form below.
A payment screen will appear after step 1 registration is completed to remind you of our banking details.  Fields marked (*) are required.