Qld Super Sprint Series - B Series Class Points

2019 Results - B Series Class Points

R1 Place points are given in order of speed, comparative to everyone else in that class (eg 1st place in that class gets 5 points)

Runs Points are calculated based on completed runs (7 runs finished, 7 points)

NameClassR1 PlaceR1 RunsR1 TotalR2 PlaceR2 RunsR2 TotalR3 PlaceR3 RunsR3 TotalTotal
Alex HedemannFormula Vee5712437571231
David HedemannFormula Vee3710571200022
Clinton LeibingerFormula Vee279000461019
Luke TurnerFormula Vee178000371018
Luke GiffordFormula Vee471100000011
Warick GiffordFormula Vee1780000008
Paul GilbertImproved Production Cars 0 - 1600cc46105712571234
Gordon RobinsImproved Production Cars 0 - 1600cc55104610471131
Richard IngsImproved Production Cars 0 - 1600cc00036936918
Chris LamberthImproved Production Cars 0 - 1600cc27900016716
Jemma McOnieImproved Production Cars 0 - 1600cc16716700014
Noel HoltImproved Production Cars 0 - 1600cc10127900010
Steven Lee-JonesImproved Production Cars 0 - 1600cc371000000010
Mark LamberthImproved Production Cars 0 - 1600cc000000281010
Graeme GrayImproved Production Cars 1601 - 2000cc55105712571234
Jim GrahamImproved Production Cars 1601 - 2000cc279279471129
Stephen BellImproved Production Cars 1601 - 2000cc17817817824
Troy PerrinsImproved Production Cars 1601 - 2000cc4711471100022
Matt van TuinenImproved Production Cars 1601 - 2000cc3710371000020
Anthony McLarenImproved Production Cars 1601 - 2000cc000178371018
Sophia BucciniImproved Production Cars 1601 - 2000cc00017827917
Ian CatererImproved Production Cars 1601 - 2000cc14517800013
Peter MenziesImproved Production Cars 1601 - 2000cc15616700013
John HallImproved Production Cars 1601 - 2000cc12300016710
Paul BrelsfordImproved Production Cars 1601 - 2000cc15613400010
Tom BrelsfordImproved Production Cars 1601 - 2000cc1011450006
Karlie BucciniImproved Production Cars 2001 - 3000cc47115712571235
Serge OberhauserImproved Production Cars 2001 - 3000cc3710471135829
John WhellImproved Production Cars 2001 - 3000cc279371027928
John ColemanImproved Production Cars 2001 - 3000cc5712000471123
Eric StanleyImproved Production Cars 2001 - 3000cc17816717823
Peter SalmonImproved Production Cars 2001 - 3000cc00027917817
Rob BellingerImproved Production Cars 3001 - 4000cc57124610471133
Saxon MoyesImproved Production Cars 3001 - 4000cc4375510571229
Doug StonehouseImproved Production Cars 3001 - 4000cc371027927928
Don HarrisImproved Production Cars 3001 - 4000cc17817816723
Bruce BunchImproved Production Cars 3001 - 4000cc16717816722
Alan BroadhurstImproved Production Cars 3001 - 4000cc23516714517
Mark JacksonImproved Production Cars 3001 - 4000cc00017835816
Brian BrosnanImproved Production Cars 3001 - 4000cc0003470007
Rod BurrowsImproved Production Cars 4001 - 5000cc4711471143729
Glenn MasonImproved Production Cars 4001 - 5000cc347571253827
Rob OshlackImproved Production Cars 4001 - 5000cc561100000011
Mike CollinsImproved Production Cars 4001 - 5000cc21335800011
Barry GourleyImproved Production Cars 5001cc and over3710279471130
Paul BucciniImproved Production Cars 5001cc and over0005712561123
Zak HudsonImproved Production Cars 5001cc and over4610371000020
Chris BalintImproved Production Cars 5001cc and over5490000009
Gary LangeImproved Production Cars 5001cc and over0004260006
David RichardsonImproved Production Cars 5001cc and over0001120002
Wayne MenziesImproved Production Cars AWD551036945928
Aaron SpringImproved Production Cars AWD17817827925
Greg BellImproved Production Cars AWD471124631421
Rob OshlackImproved Production Cars AWD000178571220
Fred van TuinenImproved Production Cars AWD36917800017
Peter BlackImproved Production Cars AWD27900014514
Rob BalintImproved Production Cars AWD000571200012
Chris BalintImproved Production Cars AWD000461000010
Ian LoxtonImproved Production Cars AWD1780000008
John GrahamImproved Production Cars AWD1670000007
Mark LewisImproved Production Cars AWD0000000000
Ken PercivalPre 77 Sports Cars 0 - 2000cc3710471143728
Jason WishartPre 77 Sports Cars 0 - 2000cc549551052726
Charles WebbPre 77 Sports Cars 0 - 2000cc224371033620
Phillip RedheadPre 77 Sports Cars 0 - 2000cc00027925716
Jenny MitropoulosPre 77 Sports Cars 0 - 2000cc00016712310
Mark JacksonPre 77 Sports Cars 0 - 2000cc461000000010
Brad LonglandPre 77 Sports Cars 2000cc and over0005611561122
Laurie LonglandPre 77 Sports Cars 2000cc and over000461045919
Bruce McKenzieRacing Cars 1601 - 2000cc57125712571236
Allan HuntSports cars 0 - 1500cc5510000  010
Jason PatulloSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc4610549461029
Clive WadeSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc3710268371028
Kees Van Der HorstSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc571217816727
Cris JohansenSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc17817817824
Peter BarnesSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc17817817824
Mark BakerSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc17817817824
Garry PittSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc0004711571223
John OrmsbySports Cars 1501 - 2000cc17816717823
George RowSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc16717817823
Brian DunnSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc27915616722
Gundy HuntSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc00017826816
Rob StevensSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc15600016713
Joe AricoSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc000371000010
Mike GoodfellowSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc16712300010
Steve BensenSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc0000001788
Tom BrelsfordSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc0000001788
Paul BreslfordSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc0000001788
Doug SwanSports cars 2001 - 3000cc57125510571234
Geoff NobleSports cars 3001cc and over57125712571236
Matt PlowmanSports cars 3001cc and over371035842624
Martin ObrienSports cars 3001cc and over17817816723
Adrian DiehmSports cars 3001cc and over16717817823
Andrew RowSports cars 3001cc and over16717817823
Michael SimingtonSports cars 3001cc and over15615614517
Liam PhilpSports cars 3001cc and over12324634716
Ken PhilpSports cars 3001cc and over13413417816
Tony SeymourSports cars 3001cc and over15600027915
Terry O'BeirneSports cars 3001cc and over12313417815
John FlynnSports cars 3001cc and over15600017814
Peter BennettSports cars 3001cc and over16716700014
Russell SchlossSports cars 3001cc and over000471100011
Cindy O'BeirneSports cars 3001cc and over1231231239
Stephen FaulksSports cars 3001cc and over4480000008
Mitchell RinguetSports cars 3001cc and over2570000007
Darryl RinguetSports cars 3001cc and over1560000006
Steven Lee-JonesSports cars 3001cc and over0000001344
Alyssa LeppJuniors Improved Production 0 - 1600cc57124711571235
Kyle EvansJuniors Improved Production 0 - 1600cc000571200012
Scott MconieSports Sedans 0 - 2000cc47114711571234
Jayden MconieSports Sedans 0 - 2000cc3710369471130
Steve CathcartSports Sedans 0 - 2000cc17826827925
Dennis BrownSports Sedans 0 - 2000cc5712561111225
Peter CaiaSports Sedans 0 - 2000cc156000371016
Mark BoydSports Sedans 0 - 2000cc2680000008
Joe BufalinoSports Sedans 0 - 2000cc1560000006
Trent LavesSports Sedans 2001 and over37104711471132
Jackson HalloranSports Sedans 2001 and over257178371025
Greg CorbetSports Sedans 2001 and over17817827925
Stephen FaulksSports Sedans 2001 and over0005611571223
Peter MossSports Sedans 2001 and over16716717822
Mark BurgessSports Sedans 2001 and over16726815621
Josh RasiSports Sedans 2001 and over17800013412
Rod HohlSports Sedans 2001 and over112371000012
Darrin SiddinsSports Sedans 2001 and over551000000010
Mick DoyleSports Sedans 2001 and over1560001239
Paul GoodrickSports Sedans 2001 and over4590000009
Peter SalmonSports Sedans 2001 and over1780000008
Keith HonourSports Sedans 2001 and over1560000006
Joe BufalinoSports Sedans 2001 and over0000001233
Morrie HookSports Sedans 2001 and over0001230003
John GrahamSports Sedans 2001 and over0000001122