Qld Super Sprint Series - A Series Class Points

2019 Results - A Series Class Points

R1 Place points are given in order of speed, comparative to everyone else in that class (eg 1st place in that class gets 5 points)

Runs Points are calculated based on completed runs (7 runs finished, 7 points)

NameClassR1 PlaceR1 RunsR1 TotalR2 PlaceR2 RunsR2 TotalR3 PlaceR3 RunsR3 TotalR4 PlaceR4 RunsR4 TotalTotal
Gregg ChesterfieldImproved Production Cars 0 - 1600cc571257124711471146
Bec LanglandsImproved Production Cars 0 - 1600cc2793710371027938
Scott DoyleImproved Production Cars 0 - 1600cc47110005712571235
Emma HattonImproved Production Cars 0 - 1600cc178000279371027
Neil ThompsonImproved Production Cars 0 - 1600cc358461000000018
Gary PittImproved Production Cars 1601 - 2000cc54957125712571245
Nathaniel MathiesImproved Production Cars 1601 - 2000cc471147114711471144
Ken AyresImproved Production Cars 1601 - 2000cc37103693710371039
Leigh MorleyImproved Production Cars 2001 - 3000cc5495611448571240
Darren JonesImproved Production Cars 2001 - 3000cc347000369471127
Steve HoggettImproved Production Cars 2001 - 3000cc448000571200020
Mitchell WoodworthImproved Production Cars 2001 - 3000cc268000000371018
Alan SpeirsImproved Production Cars 3001 - 4000cc54957125712571245
Maddison CroweImproved Production Cars 3001 - 4000cc461047114711471143
Sean KargerImproved Production Cars 3001 - 4000cc3583693710371037
Tony ReigImproved Production Cars 3001 - 4000cc00000017813412
Rhys SimmonsImproved Production Cars 3001 - 4000cc0002570000007
Trevor TraskImproved Production Cars 4001 - 5000cc571257125712571248
Matt KendallImproved Production Cars 4001 - 5000cc471147114711471144
Ben RockitImproved Production Cars 4001 - 5000cc3580003710371028
Jason DelanyImproved Production Cars 4001 - 5000cc0003250003149
Baden U'RenImproved Production Cars 4001 - 5000cc0002240000004
John GilbertImproved Production Cars 5001cc and over53857124711571243
Trevor BoultonImproved Production Cars 5001cc and over44800032500013
Gregory BurrowesImproved Production Cars 5001cc and over0000005490009
Scott DeanImproved Production Cars AWD All Caps57124711549571244
Graeme DiskinImproved Production Cars AWD All Caps268279347371034
Billy O'NeilImproved Production Cars AWD All Caps17817817827933
Tony RedwoodImproved Production Cars AWD All Caps1670004610471128
Greg BurrowesImproved Production Cars AWD All Caps358551000000018
Rodney BlankImproved Production Cars AWD All Caps461034700000017
Roy DavisImproved Production Cars AWD All Caps15600026800014
Alex RobertsonPre 77 Sports Cars 0 - 2000cc471147115712471145
Mark MichalekPre 77 Sports Cars 0 - 2000cc0005712000561123
John BarramPre 77 Sports Cars 0 - 2000cc5380000000008
Stephen RileyPre 77 Sports Cars 2001cc and over56114711448571242
Trevor TillingPre 77 Sports Cars 2001cc and over371035836900027
Richard MolnarPre 77 Sports Cars 2001cc and over0005510551000020
Gina SiddinsPre 77 Sports Cars 2001cc and over461000000000010
Alan DonRacing Cars 0 - 1300cc45957125712  033
Michael HortzRacing Cars 0 - 1300cc369437000  016
Alastair Sutton-DaviesRacing Cars 0 - 1300cc5611000000  011
Bill NortonRacing Cars 1301 - 1600cc571256115611471145
Geoff KargerRacing Cars 1301 - 1600cc2683710369371037
Greg BrayRacing Cars 1301 - 1600cc16717827927933
Dan McCarthyRacing Cars 1301 - 1600cc4610471100053829
Fred FrechRacing Cars 1301 - 1600cc16717812317826
Len DonRacing Cars 1301 - 1600cc16717816713426
Ken NortonRacing Cars 1301 - 1600cc36927915600024
Barry WiseRacing Cars 1301 - 1600cc14514542600016
Christopher FryRacing Cars 1301 - 1600cc00015617800014
Barry SingletonRacing Cars 1301 - 1600cc12316710100011
Ian HylandRacing Cars 1601 - 2000cc4610571243745938
Peter RichardsRacing Cars 1601 - 2000cc5510000549561130
Vikki PaxtonRacing Cars 2001cc and over571255105611561144
Steve PurdySports cars 0 - 1500cc551057125712571246
Rod PughSports cars 0 - 1500cc461047113710371041
Keith GordonSports cars 0 - 1500cc2793694610471139
Nick ColeSports cars 0 - 1500cc17827926826833
John MorrisonSports cars 0 - 1500cc17800000017816
Troy MansfieldSports cars 0 - 1500cc3580000000008
Lewis PittSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc371037104711371041
Cas MichalekSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc213471125727930
Sam BehanSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc0005712000471123
Michael CollinsSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc5712000551000022
Mark MichalekSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc4711000371000021
Barry WiseSports Cars 1501 - 2000cc0000000005499
Geoff LobbSports cars 2001 - 3000cc0005712549571233
Cam LeppSports cars 2001 - 3000cc0004711347471129
Richard GrahamSports cars 2001 - 3000cc461035824600024
Greg HutleySports cars 2001 - 3000cc36925714500021
Luke KellySports cars 2001 - 3000cc12317817800019
Brett KellySports cars 2001 - 3000cc12316715600016
Jon SiddinsSports cars 2001 - 3000cc561100000000011
Chris RichardsSports cars 2001 - 3000cc000000461000010
Richard MolnarSports cars 2001 - 3000cc2680000000008
Nathan RichardsSports cars 2001 - 3000cc0000001670007
Peter HancockSports cars 3001cc and over47114711571252741
John WhiteSports cars 3001cc and over16737103710371037
Ted TraskSports cars 3001cc and over17817817817832
Yve StocksSports cars 3001cc and over17817816717831
Alan BasfordSports cars 3001cc and over17817816715629
Michael SchipperSports cars 3001cc and over14517817817829
Matt AllsoppSports cars 3001cc and over36911244843726
Mick WarnockSports cars 3001cc and over14517813427926
Michael VernerSports cars 3001cc and over14517814516725
Matthew SprostonSports cars 3001cc and over17817817800024
Jamie HatfieldSports cars 3001cc and over17817817800024
Tony StarkSports cars 3001cc and over14517812317824
Bryce FullwoodSports cars 3001cc and over5510571200000022
Mario AndradoSports cars 3001cc and over14514514514520
Lee FalknerSports cars 3001cc and over00012326817819
Paul GillisSports cars 3001cc and over13416700015617
John SiddinsSports cars 3001cc and over0002680000008
Garry HallSports cars 3001cc and over2570000000007
Jim DiakosSports cars 3001cc and over0001450000005
Ashley BrightSports Sedans 2001 and over561157125712571247
Beau HattonSports Sedans 2001 and over3584711336461035
Tony HattonSports Sedans 2001 and over268279145371032
Adam KingSports Sedans 2001 and over17817817824630
Ryan McswanSports Sedans 2001 and over15617816717829
Chris TompkinsSports Sedans 2001 and over17816714517828
Mick WilkinsSports Sedans 2001 and over15617815617828
Matthew MortonSports Sedans 2001 and over17817815600022
Mark StevensSports Sedans 2001 and over12317814515622
Robert HattonSports Sedans 2001 and over17817814500021
David WeddSports Sedans 2001 and over15617815600020
Jae CollinsSports Sedans 2001 and over471100045900020
Christopher MooreSports Sedans 2001 and over15600016711215
Chris BeardSports Sedans 2001 and over00035823500013
Graeme HardakerSports Sedans 2001 and over00000015616713
Brennan ElksSports Sedans 2001 and over14500000017813
John MooreSports Sedans 2001 and over14500014511212
Dale WrightSports Sedans 2001 and over15600013400010
Terry JohnsSports Sedans 2001 and over0001560000006
Jason DelaneySports Sedans 2001 and over1560000000006
Kevin JeeSports Sedans 2001 and over1340000000004