Game on for B Series Champ Points
13 May '19 10:00am

Game on for B Series Champ Points

The WDSCC Super Sprint B Series Round 2 was held on the 11 and 12 May 2019. Saturday saw a cold and windy day as the competitors battled it out on the “D” circuit. This is where you hang a right immediately after the bridge, changing the usual racing line of exiting under the bridge on the large circuit then onto the challenging flip flops of the old E circuit before turning right back onto the straight.

 The D circuit can be a quick flowing tricky track, and there was plenty of action all weekend. Mike Collins ran his Holden Auscar and found the old tyres made it a challenge to keep it facing the right direction while an unfortunate hub failure saw an early retirement for Darrin Siddins who had to retrieve the wheel of his Mk1 escort.

A total of 7 runs each consisting of 4 laps, were completed over the weekend. There was some great competition during the event leaving Bruce McKenzie and Geoff Noble each with 86 points at the top of the Championship table. Round 3 is sure to heat up so make sure you don’t miss it!             

The C series is next for their 2nd round for 2019 and will be held on the 1 - 2 of June 2019.

A big thankyou to all Morgan Park Raceway volunteers and officials who braved the cold wind to help run such a fantastic event. Volunteers are always welcome and it’s a great way to get up close to the action.

Spectator entry for all the super sprints is free of charge and are a fantastic action packed weekend with a large variety of different cars competing .For more information and for what events are coming up, visit our Events Page